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Has Your Website Expired?

Your website reflects your brand.  Ideally, your site should make a strong impression and inspire the visitor to learn more about you. On the other hand, an unprofessional website can be detrimental to your image, doing far more harm than good. Since website technology is constantly evolving, it’s important not to put up a site and then ignore it for years. I wanted to share with my readers an article by website expert David Lecours, which addresses the 5 Symptoms of an Expired Website. Read it to find out if has your site has passed its expiration date.

5 Symptoms of an Expired Website

1) Where You Were, Not Where You’re Headed

2) You Have To Call Your Web Designer to Make Simple Updates

3) Your Site Doesn’t Have a Blog

4) Weak Visual Impact

5) Mobile Unfriendly

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