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Secrets of Successful B2B Content Marketing

One of the best ways to position yourself and your top management as experts in your industry is to initiate a robust B2B content marketing strategy. Show existing and potential clients that you are a thought leader in your field and act as valuable resource for them.  

To make your content marketing strategy easier, I'm sharing this article by Ann Handley, first published in OpenForum, which lists key tips for B2B content creation. In a series of videos, Handley lays out the first five steps B2B companies can take toward effective content creation, including:

1.    Identify How B2B Content Creation Can Work Best for You
2.    Start a Corporate Blog
3.    Build Your Content Pipeline
4.    Dive into Content Curation
5.    Develop Case Studies to Tell Your Company’s Story

Read full article: Ann Handley’s 5 Keys to B2B Content Creation.

Once you have your content ready to go, push it out across all channels: on your blog, in your newsletter, and across your social media platforms. Consider turning some of this valuable content into a workshop or seminar! Just remember to focus on your audience and address the topics that are important to them.

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