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See Out Speaking Opportunities to Gain Visibility and Build Credibility

Speaking engagements provide an excellent forum to raise your company profile and promote your professional expertise. So why not be proactive and seek out opportunities to get in front of your ideal target clients? Some tips for success

 Do your homework: 

 To determine prospects for speaking engagements, research the conferences and major events in your industry. Locally, look for opportunities like the monthly sales luncheons held in local companies, monthly meetings of business and professional groups and community events.  Check out where your competition is speaking for ideas

Find a compelling topic:

Pinpoint the specific opportunities for you or one of your team to be featured as a speaker. Brainstorm with your colleagues what topics would be a good fit with your area of expertise. Consider teaming up with a power partner or turning an article you recently had published into an idea for a panel.

Pitch your idea:  

Present your idea as an abstract, which is essentially a summary of your topic idea. While  typically not necessary for local organizations, abstracts are often required for large conferences. When creating your abstract, make sure it's not just a company pitch. To create an abstract, follow these simple rules:  

  1.  Catchy but informative title 
  2.  Strong introduction highlighting the current situation 
  3.  Short explanation of the problem/issue
  4. What the attendees will learn 
  5. Speaker bio

Get the word out:

Once you have a spot on the agenda, get the word out! Publicize the event on your website, put out a press release, sent out an email blast, and get the word out to your social networks.  And finally, it's important to follow up. Send a personal email to those whose cards you collected at the event, along with a link to your presentation.

Being featured at an event will often open the door to more speaking requests.  So it pays to be proactive and get the momentum going. 

There are many communication tools you can use to keep you top of mind as an expert in your field. Feel free to give me a call at 310.546.2926 for a complimentary strategy session. I'll be happy to show you how to take your business to the next level with affordable marketing strategies  that hit the sweet spot with your target clients.