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Website Horrors

Over and over, I hear the same story: “I’ve spent thousands of dollars, it’s taking forever, and I still don't have a website that I like. This is stressing me out, draining my patience and my budget.

Why is the process of getting a new website often so difficult? I'll give you a few reasons:  

1. Most people are under the impression that if someone says they “do websites” that they actually do websites. But a website has a number of moving parts and requires a team of experts: 

•A designer

•A programmer

•A copywriter 

•A project manager to keep things moving and ensure that the site achieves the client’s goals.

2. Another problem is that website providers are often operating on their own and can get swamped with work. Hence the non-responsiveness that is all too common in this field (read non-returned emails and phone calls). It's a source of serious frustration.  

3. Many inexpensive website providers rely on template sites that are very cheap, but can be hard to customize to meet your needs. 

4. Too many people think they can provide their own copy. I can’t stress enough that writing your own copy is a huge mistake. The result is invariably way too much copy that buries your key marketing messages. 

5. An even deeper problem: starting on a website without a clear branding message that hits the sweet spot with your ideal clients. 

The best websites have these three critical elements: good copy, intuitive navigation and pleasing design. This is one of your most important marketing tools, and low price can’t be the only consideration. When you are looking for someone to do/redo your site, ask these important questions:  Does your team include an experienced graphic designer? Does the price include copywriting from an experienced web copywriter? Who acts as project manager to keep the workflow going? 

I hope these tips can help you avoid Website Horror...