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Promoting Your Expertise Via Testimonials

Testimonials are a highly effective way to demonstrate the problems that you've solved and benefits that you bring to your clients. They are so effective because you're not singing your own praises, a third party is doing it for you. 

Here are some tips on out how to get testimonials and make good use of them across all your marketing efforts: on your website, in a video, in your marketing materials, and via social media.

Collecting testimonials

The best time to ask for a testimonial is right after you have had a great experience with a client or key referral source. A good strategy is to figure out the messages you want to convey. Then write it up and ask your contacts if they would recommend you along those lines. Believe me, they'll appreciate the fact that you've made their job easier!  

Promoting on your website

Don't bury them under a testimonial tab; make them prominent throughout your website. Feature rotating testimonials on your home page to make sure they are front and center on the site. Use relevant testimonials on the pages describing your services. Whenever possible, include photos to humanize them.

Featuring in your marketing materials

Feature one or two brief testimonials in your marketing materials.  But beware. Don't make them too long --- the more copy the less likely they'll be read. A couple of sentences should do the trick.  

Using in videos

Video testimonials have an even greater impact than written testimonials and give added credibility. More pluses: videos draw people in, keep them on your site longer and help improve your Google ranking.

Getting recommended on LinkedIn

Those same testimonials can serve as recommendations on LinkedIn, (and Yelp if this site is appropriate for your field). If someone has recommended you on LinkedIn, it's good form to return the favor. 

There are many communication tools you can use to keep top of mind as an expert in your field; just be sure your messaging is consistent and clear.