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Does A Press Release Do Anything?

Why do so many firms place such great emphasis on sending out press releases? Unless your company has some major news, this approach is generally pretty useless to garner media attention. Sending out promotional press releases is like dropping pebbles in the Pacific Ocean.  

Reporters Largely Ignore Them 

Reporters largely ignore press releases, especially the ones distributed through free newswire services. These are filled with ads, ignored by reporters and, worse, can create a poor image of the firm. While a paid distribution service may offer greater credibility and prestige, these still attract negligible media attention.

Story Pitches Get More Attention

What really gets you in front of the media is direct contact with pitches on timely stories tailored to individual reporters. Start by studying the media outlets in your target market and the topics they cover.  Can you provide an insider's view, a new perspective, an interesting angle, or a unique viewpoint? If you have a blog, you can edit selected articles and send to targeted publications and bloggers. Remember that your goal is to provide valuable information and insight, not a puff piece about your company. 

Using Social Media 

Reporters do extensive research on Twitter and get ideas from blogs indexed on Google. Posting links to your blog on Twitter is another way to get exposure to reporters. 

A Full-Blown Media Campaign— Is It Worth It?

A full-blown campaign for media exposure can be very costly and takes, at a minimum, six months to a year to gain traction. If your firm can afford it, this could be the way to go to get media attention. In the meantime, there many other marketing and PR initiatives that can produce as good or better results in terms of generating solid new business leads.  Some of these include refreshing your website if it’s outdated, developing a good content marketing program, maximizing your use of LinkedIn, a focused networking strategy, and seminars for clients.