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What Your Marketing Materials Should Say About You

Along with your website, your marketing materials are the face of your business and play an important part in branding your firm. Whether it's an elaborate brochure or a simple handout, there are key areas that your marketing piece should cover to effectively brand you as an expert in your field. 

Here are the main elements to include:

Key Messages:  In your key messages, highlight the problems you solve, stress the benefits you bring to clients, and emphasize how you stand out from the competition. Resist the urge to cram in too much information. By keeping the copy crisp and brief, you increase the chances that someone will actually read it.

Target Clients: List the key industries or client types that you are targeting so your ideal clients see right away that you can meet their needs. 

Testimonials: These third-party endorsements are invaluable in building your credibility. Feature two or three brief testimonials from ideal clients or referral sources.

Services: Include a brief bulleted list of your key services. Don't get too detailed here. The goal is to get people to call you or go to your website to find out more. 

Contact: Provide contact information: phone, email, Web address. Leave out any information that might shorten the shelf life of the piece, like employee names.

In addition to printing your brochure, make sure you have it available as a PDF. In PDF format it is easily emailed to prospective clients. Another benefit is that a PDF allows you to include links to more information on your website.