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The Dreaded Blog

To many people a blog seems like a lot of work for a questionable return on the investment of time. However, if it's done right, your blog can be an excellent marketing and sales tool, helping you stay top of mind and be perceived as a thought leader in your field. Your blog will serve as a cache of material to post to LinkedIn, for a newsletter, to increase website traffic, and to generate media interest.

Establish your expertise 

The whole point of a blog is to establish your expertise. Posts should never be promotional. They should be geared to topics that interest your key target clients and referral sources. Engage your audience with topics that are pain point specific. Offer your unique insight on timely issues, tips, pitfalls to avoid, strategies, or your perspective on relevant articles that cross your desk. Incorporate an interesting case study. Remember to always keep your readership in mind and steer clear of industry jargon.

I want to stress that it's far better to create your own articles to demonstrate your thought leadership. These will be more relevant and compelling than the canned ones available from content provider services in your industry.

Some important considerations for your blog

  • Blog posts should be 300 to 500 words maximum, with brief, interesting headlines. Consider short video blogs to enhance interest and impact. 
  • The most effective and efficient way to consistently fill your blog with engaging new content, and with minimal demand on your time, is to have someone interview you to get your thoughts down. This way you are not held hostage by writers block and often freer in your expression of ideas. You then have a draft to work from.
  • Your main blog page should feature compelling headlines and snippets of the articles, with a "read more" link to each blog post. Readers can scan the list of headlines, see your expertise at a glance and quickly find articles of interest.

Writing is Just the beginning

Once the article is uploaded that's just the beginning. Your blog is useless without this critical next step:  pushing out the content through a variety of channels.

  • Social Media: Promote your blog posts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any other relevant social media platform. 
  • Newsletter: Re-purpose blog content into a newsletter emailed directly to your key contacts to stay top of mind in your field. 
  • Meeting Follow-Up: Email relevant blog articles after a meeting with a prospective client to demonstrate that you have the expertise he or she is looking for.
  • Media: Selectively pitch thought-provoking articles to targeted industry publications. You are far more likely to get media attention this way as opposed to sending out promotional press releases. 

Follow these tips and your blog will become an excellent tool to keep you top of mind as an expert in your field.