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Use the Power of Video to Stand Out

Spoiler alert, shameless promotion ahead. Just to show that I don't just "talk the talk," I also "walk the walk," I want to share my new video with you (don't worry, it's very brief).

Why do I think videos are so important? A video gives viewers a sense of your personality. It makes you warmer, more personable, and more relatable. I want a potential client to feel like they know me before we ever talk on the phone or meet in person. It's like a warm introduction.

Videos are one of the most powerful marketing tools on the web. Your video can educate the viewer on the benefits you bring to your clients, inspiring people to want to work with you before they even meet you. Videos also engage visitors with your website, enticing them to stay on the site longer. They are better for recall and can be far more persuasive than straight text. 

I am pushing out my new video through a variety of channels: on my website, via LinkedIn and other social media platforms, and  in my newsletter. And so, without further ado… here's my new video:

Chris Woodward Target Market Video