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How to Stay Top of Mind with Key Contacts

In my last blog I laid out the steps to building a strong network of contacts. But it’s not enough just to build up your network—it’s just as important to stay top of mind and nurture these relationships. Here are the best ways to do this:

  • Keep in touch: Make it a point every couple of weeks to review your contacts and reach out to two or three of them to set up a breakfast or lunch. Possibly invite them for drinks or to an event.
  • Givers gain: Be open and generous with your expertise when asked for advice. This is when networking is the most effective—when you help people get to know, like, and trust you by being a giver. If you want to learn more about how important giving is to success in business, I can highly recommend The Go Giver, by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  
  • Stay active: Once you join an organization, don’t make it a “once and done,” keep going to meetings! See what committees you might like to serve on to enhance your visibility and get to know members even better.
  • Showcase your expertise on LinkedIn: Upload your blog posts to your LinkedIn profile. Provide status updates with insights from your industry. Research relevant groups to join and participate in group discussions.
  • Use your newsletter: Position yourself as a resource of professional information in your industry with a newsletter. If you have a blog then repurpose the information into an e-blast to your clients and colleagues. Remember, for your newsletter to be perceived as valuable it must be at least 80% educational and not more than 20% promotional. 

If you’re consistent in the activities I’ve outlined above, you’ll eventually create an invaluable contact base of potential clients, referral sources, and sources for professional advice. Having a strong network also enhances the benefit that you bring to your clients—you’ll have a pool of resources at your fingertips, adding value to the services you provide.