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Website Horrors

Over and over, I hear the same story: “I’ve spent thousands of dollars, it’s taking forever, and I still don’t have a website that I like. This is stressing me out, draining my patience and my budget.” 


Why is the process of creating a new website often so difficult? I’ll give you a few reasons: 



It takes a village 

Most people are under the impression that if someone says they “do websites,” they actually do websites. But a website has a number of moving parts and requires a team of experts: 

  • Designer: to make it visually appealing
  • Copywriter: to provide the content  
  • Programmer (or web developer): to write the code 
  • Project manager: to keep things moving (herding cats) and ensure that the site achieves the client’s goals 


Another problem is the non-responsiveness that, unfortunately, is all too common in this field (read non-returned emails and phone calls). It's a source of serious frustration—especially when it takes a year to get something on your website changed. 

The curse of the template 

Many website developers rely on template sites that can be less expensive than creating a custom site, but then charge extra to tailor the boilerplate design to meet your needs. Make sure when you are quoted a price that it includes some room for modification of the template. 

Too much copy

Too many people think they can create their own written content. I can't stress enough that writing your own copy is a huge mistake. The result is invariably way too much copy that is cluttered with jargon and doesn’t address your target audience’s key interests. 

Who are you?

An even deeper problem: starting on a website without a clear branding message that hits the sweet spot with your ideal clients. 


A website is one of your most important marketing tools, and low price can’t be the only consideration. The best websites have three critical elements: good copy, intuitive navigation, and pleasing design. When you are looking for someone to create or upgrade your website, ask these essential questions:  

  • Does your web development team include an experienced graphic designer? 
  • Does the price include copywriting from an experienced web copywriter? 
  • If the developer uses a template, does the price include some customization?
  • Who acts as project manager to keep the workflow going?

In addition to your website, there are a number of other strategies to keep you top of mind as an expert in your field. Feel free to give me a call at 310.529-6601. I'll be happy to show you how to take your business to the next level with marketing strategies that hit the sweet spot with your target clients.