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Why Do Clients Do Business With You? The Reasons May Be Different Than You Think

MM images-stars smallerWhen you’ve been running your company for a while, you think you have a solid idea about why clients do business with you. But you might be wrong—sometimes the value you think you’re offering isn’t the value that clients perceive. And the true value, as they perceive it, is what actually brings people to your business.

Look at Your Numbers

Before the McDonald brothers first started their fast food empire, they already had very successful drive-in diner business, but they felt they could do better. After a close look at their numbers they realized that the majority of their sales came from three items: burgers, fries, and soda. As a result, they completely re-imagined what a fast food restaurant was from the ground up and created a business model that focused on selling those core items. The rest is history.

Similarly, I’ve seen legal practices and other client-based professional services expand what they originally considered a small part of their business into the principal focus of their firm. Though it’s important not just to go in any direction the wind blows, it’s also essential to keep track of what it is that clients actually flock to you for. There’s tons of opportunity there.

Ask Your Customers – They May Surprise You

Sometimes the numbers don’t tell the full story. For example, you may have the data that a particular service or product line is doing well, but you’re not exactly sure why. How you continue to market a successful part of your business depends on you understanding why it is doing well.

Asking for customer feedback will enlighten you as to what keeps them coming back, or on the flip side, what prevents them from doing more business with you. Information gathered in the form of informal interviews can be invaluable.

For example, if the principal draw of your law practice has to do with your stellar mediation record and history of keeping costs down—rather than a reputation as a fierce litigator—then this should be the core of your messaging on the value of your service.

Do Your Marketing Messages Match What Customers Are Experiencing?

Armed with data from your business and feedback from customers, you can begin to put together a more complete picture of the value you truly have to offer. Now the question is, does your marketing reflect this? More often than not, you will have to update how you talk about yourself and your business. A properly aligned message should express the best ways in which clients value what you bring to the table. Once your marketing reflects this, it is much easier to attract new business.

Want to Know More About Being on Message With the True Value You Have to Offer?

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