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Are You Utilizing The Power of What Your Clients Say About You?

28457273 s smallerLeverage Testimonials to Grow Your Business

Business owners often forget the power that a simple client endorsement has on attracting new business. Testimonials are a highly effective way to showcase the benefits that you bring to your clients and illustrate the problems that you've solved for them. They are so effective because you're not singing your own praises, a third party is doing it for you. 

Amazingly, there are so many businesses that do not utilize client testimonials at all. Or if they do, they fail to do it effectively.

I can't believe how many times a new client will proudly announce, "Oh, I have lots of great testimonials, they are right here in this email folder!" And when I ask how they are using them, I typically get a blank stare. Exactly what good are they doing hidden away?

Here’s how to get testimonials and then leverage them across all your marketing efforts: on your website, via social media, in your marketing materials, in your newsletter, and in a video.

Gathering Testimonials

The best time to ask for a testimonial is right after you've received a compliment from a client or a key referral source. Paraphrase what they have said about you and then send it to your contact and ask them if it’s ok to use it as a testimonial. Believe me, they'll appreciate the fact that you've done the work for them and made their job easier!   

A caveat, testimonials shouldn’t be too long — the more copy, the less likely they'll be read. A couple of sentences should do the trick.

Promote On Your Website

Don't bury these endorsements of your expertise under a testimonial tab. Make them prominent throughout your website. Consider featuring rotating testimonials on your home page and use relevant testimonials on the pages describing your services.

Collect Recommendations on LinkedIn

LinkedIn makes it very easy to request a recommendation from someone in your network. Just cut and past the compliment you’ve paraphrased into your request.

Feature in Your Marketing Materials

Feature one or two brief testimonials in your marketing materials to provide first-person endorsements of the services you offer.

Turn it Into a Case Study For Your Newsletter

Sometimes you can turn an expanded testimonial into a case study. This is a more in-depth explanation of a problem or situation that you solved for your client with an educational slant as opposed to a promotional focus. Spotlight the case study in your client newsletter.

Use In Videos

Video testimonials have an even greater impact than written testimonials and give added credibility. More pluses: videos draw people in, keep them on your site longer, and help improve your Google ranking. 

Testimonials are a valuable endorsement of your credibility and expertise. Don't let them stay buried in a folder on your computer or in a drawer in your desk!