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Harness the Power of Case Studies to Promote Your Successes

Case Study Smaller copyHave you had a recent success? If you did, how will any of your clients or potential clients know about it?

It’s like the age-old riddle: if a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? We can't answer about the tree, but we can say that if you don't make a sound about your success, then no one will be aware it even happened. That’s a tremendous marketing potential going to waste.

This is when it’s important to unleash a secret weapon in your marketing arsenal: the case study.

Why Are Case Studies So Effective?

An effective case study talks about a problem you solved for a client that focuses on lessons learned and speaks to your expertise as a leader in your field. It shouldn't sound like an outright promotion, but rather as information that people with similar problems will find valuable.

Basically, you want to educate your prospective clients. You can include what worked in solving the problem, pitfalls that may have led to the problem in the first place, and guidelines on how to avoid similar pitfalls in the future. Readers should feel like they learned something and come away thinking that if you can solve an existing client’s problem, then perhaps you can tackle theirs.

Any Great Success Can Be a Case Study

Case studies can be long or short, depending on what kind of story you're telling. Shorter is often better, however, to hold the reader’s attention. Deliver content that is concise and speaks to why you're good at what you do.

For a legal firm, it may be a major case with an overwhelmingly positive result for a client. For an accounting firm, it might be how much money was saved for a family through savvy estate planning. A business consultancy might talk about how helping a CEO change her communication style resulted in increased staff productivity.  

Be sure to illustrate the favorable result in the case study  title. For example:

  • Successful Negotiation Ends Contentious Business Divorce With Win-Win Settlement.

  • Family Saves Millions by Planning Estate Around Recent Tax Law Changes.

  • Client Sees Staff Productivity Triple By Changing Her Communication Style.

Where to Put Your Case Study

Some clients put their most impressive case studies right on their website. I recommend this, but don’t stop there.

Other places to push out your case study include:

    • Your company blog

    • A client newsletter

    • On your LinkedIn profile

    • A media pitch

Stay On Top

The bottom line is to use a good case study to educate your audience with valuable and intriguing information about a problem they may face, now or in the future.  It keeps you top of mind and emphasizes your status as a top player and thought leader in your field.