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My Top Marketing Tips to Stand Out

Marketing TipsWhen it comes to marketing many professionals forget the basics, or perhaps never knew them in the first place.

Here are a few of my tried and true marketing tips. Simple advice I have for any professional who is serious about staying top of  mind.


Focus on a Market Niche

A broad, unfocused marketing approach usually will not deliver the desired results. You just can’t be everything to everybody. My advice is to focus on a market niche. For example, a CPA specializing in restaurants, or an attorney specialized in construction litigation.

By making yourself an industry expert, potential clients will know that you really understand their business. You immediately stand out from the crowd.

Emphasize Your Benefits, Not Your Services

Believe it or not, people don’t care about your services. They just want you to solve their problems. Focus your communications on the benefits you bring to clients that will solve those problems.

When you are focusing on your benefits, don't’ forget your differentiators. What makes you stand out from everyone else in your field? Is there something unique in your background that makes you especially good at what you do—like a patent attorney with a background in engineering or a CPA who was formerly with the IRS?

Keep in Touch

I see so many professionals drop the ball on what is an age-old tactic: personally staying in touch with key referral sources and clients. This sounds simple, but you can’t take it for granted.

And it’s easy—just make a list, then reach out and pick up the phone! Invite someone to breakfast, lunch, or a baseball game. Don’t think of it as making sales calls, just touching base on a personal level. Schedule this effort regularly and make a few calls each month. If you really keep at it, you’ll be surprised at how this simple tactic can make a difference in keeping your business pipeline filled.

Broadcast Your Successes

How is anyone going to know how good you are at what you do unless you broadcast it? To demonstrate your expertise, create articles around case studies where you’ve had a successful outcome, recent legislation, a new court decision or something in the news. But make sure your article is not promotional; make it educational to position yourself as a thought leader.

Then broadcast your article far and wide, don’t just upload it to your website. Send it out in a newsletter to clients and key referral sources, post it on LinkedIn, use the content in presentations, and pitch it to the media. These days, there are many ways to get the word out.

Regularly Schedule Your Marketing

Marketing efforts should be scheduled regularly, not as an afterthought or something to focus on when business slows down. Marketing is a key part of your business that needs to be taken seriously. Somewhere, somebody needs you to solve their problem, and your outreach is actually their lifeline. So keep it coming!