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Developing Your Key Marketing Messages

The right marketing messages are essential in positioning your company.

Your key messages will shape how you position your company. They will guide how you talk about your firm, its services and products. These messages should be repeated and reinforced in all your marketing and PR materials.

Your key messages should:


•  Clearly communicate what sets you apart from the competition

•  Emphasize the benefit that you bring to your clients

•  Be crisp and easy to understand

To begin to craft your key messages, answer the following questions. Some of these questions may seem repetitive, but they are phrased a little differently to inspire you to come up with answers that you may not have thought of initially.

1.  What makes you stand out from the competition?

2.  What do your clients value most: lower cost, unique products, on schedule, personal service?

3.  What do you have to offer that your competition doesn’t, such as special   expertise, a unique niche, a package of services, a one-stop shop?

4.  What are the benefits of the services you provide?

5.  Why should your clients choose you?

For help in going through this exercise, conduct a series of informal client interviews. The results of this survey will be valuable in showing you what is most important to your clients; uncovering what they value most about your company; and highlighting those services or products you may need to do more to promote.

In all your key messages, remember one thing—emphasize the benefit to the client.