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Targeting the Right Publications

Media exposure is a great way to spread the word about your business. An important first step is to develop your media list.

To make the greatest impact, you want news about your company featured in the media outlets that specifically target your market.

· So let's start with your target market. What are the newspapers, magazines, business journals, professional newsletters, blogs and online news outlets that your target market depends on for news? This is where you want your company to be featured.


· To find out this information, ask your colleagues, business associates, clients, and vendors what they read and which websites they visit for news related to your industry. Check out the magazines in their lobbies and reception areas. And finally, do a little research on the Web to flesh out your list.

· Once you have your list, add the details. Go online to collect full contact information, editorial calendars (topics the publication will be covering during the year), submission guidelines, and media information kits.

A carefully targeted media list is a critical first step in any effective media outreach program.