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Make a Newsletter a Key Part of Your PR Campaign

A newsletter can be a great addition to any public relations campaign. You can position you and your top people as industry experts, while promoting your services and products at the same time.

If you want your newsletter to be read, it’s important that you’re providing news on topics that interest your reader and not just a marketing puff piece. A good rule of thumb is to make your newsletter 80% percent educational and 20% percent promotional.

It follows that the critical first step in creating your newsletter is to determe what your audience is interested in: their issues, concerns, challenges, and hot topics. Armed with this information, you can come up with the topics that will draw in your readers. Start a clipping folder to gather ideas. You might come across a good topic at a conference or seminar. You’ll be surprised at how fast you can build up a supply of valuable information to your clients.

Suggestions on newsletter content:
•    Highlight interesting and timely industry news, trends, legislation, and challenges.
•    Feature an “Advice from the Expert” column.
•    Include tips on cost-savings, how to add value, save time etc.
•    Offer a brief case study to showcase how your product or service has successfully helped a client. Include testimonials!
•    Feature a new product, service or promotion.
•    Announce company news: upcoming events, speaking engagements or a major new hire.

Headlines with punch are key in drawing the reader’s attention. 

Use graphics and photos to break up the copy, make your newsletter more visually appealing, and help tell your story.
Keep it brief. Keep the articles short and add a “read more” link to your website.

Be consistent. Try to publish monthly or at least quarterly to ensure that your newsletter is furthering your PR campaign by keeping your name in front of your readers.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll deliver an attractive newsletter with valuable information that your target audience wants to read. For more tips for your marketing and public relations campaign, read my free report: Eight Key Steps to Small Business Success.