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Get a Clear Profile of Your Target Audience

Who are those key clients and customers that you want to target with your small business marketing campaign? You need a clear profile of your target audience in order to create the compelling marketing and PR messages that will capture their interest and make an impact on them. Here’s a suggested list of possible target audiences:
• Current clients    
• Potential clients    
• Business partners    
• Referral sources      
• Subcontractors    
• Vendors
• Industry and business media outlets
• Business, civic, and professional associations
• Local community
• Elected officials

It’s crucial to understand your key audiences—their priorities and their concerns—to effectively position your products and services to match up with their needs. One way to gain this valuable insight is by conducting a series of informal interviews with your existing clients, business partners and referral sources.

Here are a few suggested survey questions:
1. What do we do?
2. What services do we provide? (You may be surprised to learn how little some
people know about the full complement of products and services you provide.)
3. How do we stand out among similar companies?
4. What do you value about us?
5. Who is our main competition?

The results of this survey will be very useful in uncovering what is most important to your clients, highlighting what they value most about your company, and showing you which services or products you may need to do more to promote. Gathering this information is a critical first step for any small business in developing the right messages for a successful marketing and pr campaign. For a complete guide to marketing and pr strategies for small businesses, see the MasterClass Marketing Handbook. And for more small business marketing and PR tips, sign up for my free report: “8 Key Steps to Small Business Success.”