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What Your Company Brochure Should Say About You

Your company brochure is the face of your business and plays an important part in your small business marketing and PR campaign. Whether it’s is a fold-out brochure or “press kit” with inserts, there are key areas your brochure should cover to showcase your products, services and expertise.

The following points cover the main messages to convey in your brochure. Under each point you will find a brief real-life example. Although these examples are from a brochure I created for a street maintenance firm, the main themes translate to any business or service.

1. A short introductory paragraph or two emphasizing your main messages:
Johnson Street Maintenance is the leading source of high-quality street sweeping services, serving more than 40 municipal clients. We are proud that we have elevated the standards of our industry and have earned an unequaled reputation of providing the highest quality services, with courtesy and complete dependability.
2. The benefits you bring to clients:
Reduce operating costs, eliminate day-to-day headaches, meet environmental regulations, eliminate liability, set rigid standards, quick response.
3. How you stand out from the competition:
Our operator dedication and pride, state-of-the-art equipment and courteous customer service combine to make us the leader in the industry.
4. A one-paragraph case study showing how you helped solve a client’s problem or highlighting a success:
The City of Blue Ridge had twice the number of trees as the average city—big old trees with an extremely large leaf fall. This represents a unique challenge to street sweeping operations. Johnson Street Maintenance met that challenge with its state-of-the-art equipment.
5. Client testimonials—third-party endorsements are invaluable in building your credibility:
“Johnson Street Maintenance has done a great job for us. Our residents are happy and we never receive any complaints.”
6. List of services/main products:

7. Key projects/clients:

8. Contact information:

In addition to printing your brochure, you should make it available on your website as a PDF. For more information on how to create a successful company brochure to enhance your small business marketing and PR campaign, see the MasterClass Marketing Handbook. For more small business marketing and PR tips, sign up for my free report: “8 Key Steps to Small Business Success.”