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Your Blog —a Key Player in Online Marketing

Blogs are an excellent vehicle to drive traffic to your website and support your online marketing and PR campaign. A blog is a place to constantly add new content — they are frequently updated, dynamic and live. Search engines like Google love new, relevant, keyword-rich content, so your blog increases your search engine visibility.
Your blog gives you an opportunity to stand out as an expert, while letting your personality shine through. Start with great content that your readers will find interesting and valuable. Try to aim for weekly blog posts; around 300 words or less is plenty in my opinion, otherwise the task of writing it can become a hassle. Remember to include your keywords and add links to relevant pages on your website. Videos work too!

Once you’re done, share your blog on social news websites like Digg and your social networking sites. You can also submit your post to other relevant blogs and online magazines.
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