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PR Tips for Small Businesses Launching a New Product or Service

So you’re a small business finally ready to launch your new product or service. Try these valuable PR tips to get the word out to your target clients. The most effective promotional campaigns employ a variety of activities that all work in concert to market a new venture. You’ll see a clear theme emerging across all these efforts: emphasize the benefits to your clients in all your marketing messages!

1. Mailer: A direct marketing piece announcing the new service or product should offer a brief description that draws attention to the benefits that it brings to clients. This could done be via direct mail or electronic marketing (see my blog post, Secrets of Electronic Marketing). PR tip: be sure to include a call to action: like “call for more information” or a discount coupon.
2. Press release: A press release would focus on how the service or product will benefit readers and emphasize its significance to your industry. Send it to print media, blogs and online news outlets in your target market.
3. Brochure/fact sheet: This would provide the details on the new service or product and, of course, how it benefits your clients.
4. Client event: Host a client event featuring a speaker, panel of experts or demonstrations.
5. Social media: Make use of your social network to get the word out, publicize promotional offers and related client events.

Follow these PR tips and you’ll be sure to catch the attention of your target market. For a full step-by-step program to launch your new product or service see the MasterClass Marketing Handbook. For more PR tips, sign up for my Free Report: “8 Key Steps to Small Business Success.