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DIY Public Relations: Include a Newsroom on Your Website

One easy and effective DIY public relations tactic for small businesses is to include a Newsroom on your website.  Your Newsroom makes it easy for journalists (and the public) to get all the information they need about your company in one place. Here’s what to feature in your Newsroom:

News (of course!): Recent news articles and press releases, and current and past issues of your newsletter. A great way to get added mileage out of your media coverage is to feature it on your website.

Complete media kit: Create a media kit and make it available in your Newsroom as downloadable PDFs. Your media kit would include:

  • Company Profile: Also known as a backgrounder, this highlights how you stand out in your industry, your key products and services.
  • Fact Sheet: This serves as a handy reference guide to your company, providing all the basic facts at a glance.
  • Key Services or Products: Provide an overview of your major services or product lines, and individual service or product sheets as applicable.
  • FAQ: An FAQ (frequently asked questions) is a series of questions and answers that addresses timely topics related to your company or industry.
  • Company History: Make it brief, but stress the expertise you have built up over your years in business.
  • Biographies of Top Management

Photography: You should have high-resolution (300 dpi for print) images of products, projects, events, and headshots of  top management.

Podcasts: Your site could include podcasts of your published articles and company newsletter for those who would rather listen to the content instead of reading it.

Contact information: Be sure to include full contact information for the person authorized to talk with the media: name,  title, phone, cell phone and email address.

Creating a Newsroom on your website is a great DIY PR tactic for a small business. You’re making the journalist’s job easier and helping to ensure accurate coverage by providing compete, relevant and up-to-date information about your company.