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A Small Business Marketing Coach Will Help You Grow Your Business

A small business marketing coach can be an invaluable asset to any entrepreneur. Since most entrepreneurs start a small business based upon their specific area of expertise, they’re great at what they do, but they often don’t know how to market themselves. But smart business owners know their core competencies and the importance of delegating, so they hire a small business marketing coach to help launch their new enterprise.

Imagine that you’re an insurance agent and you’ve just opened your own agency. You’re experienced, have a small but loyal customer base, and your office is located in a high-traffic area. But business is slow. You need to create a buzz. You need a small business marketing coach to help you:

  • Understand your target audience: Knowing your target audience is critical to your marketing success. Who needs or wants what you’re selling? Why? A small business marketing coach will help you understand your target audience, their problems, concerns and top priorities when it comes to the services you provide. In your case, for instance, your target market may be parents who need affordable auto insurance for their teen driver.
  • Define key differentiators: What separates you from your competition? Your small business marketing coach will help you get very specific in this area. It can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Discover why you’re different (and better) than other insurance agencies in the area, and then emphasize these differentiators in all your marketing activities.
  • Understand industry dynamics: A small business marketing coach will show you ways to examine your industry as a whole and how you fit into the marketplace. How are property and casualty insurance agencies attracting customers in your city? What are they doing and how are they doing it?
  • Develop benefits of the product/service: A small business marketing coach will help you identify and showcase the benefits of your products/services. Benefits address how your products/services will improve the customer’s life in some way. Benefits answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” In your case, a benefit would be that customers can have comprehensive auto insurance at an affordable price.
  • Identity online and offline marketing opportunities: Your small business marketing coach is your best resource for helping you identify and implement both online and offline marketing strategies. Online, use your Web site, blog, email newsletter, and social networks to market your business. Your insurance agency would also want to use direct mail, client events and networking to promote your business offline.
If you’re thinking of starting a business, if you’ve just started one, or if you’ve been operating for many years, you will benefit from the expertise of a small business marketing coach. Why? Because a small business marketing coach focuses on accelerating the growth of your business. Learn more by visiting or give me a call: 310.546.2926.