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Small Business Marketing Strategy: Get a Feature Article

One of the more effective small business marketing strategies is getting a feature article on your business. If you have an interesting spin on a topic, a unique project or area of expertise, you’ll get a great deal of PR exposure by successfully pitching the idea as a topic for a feature article.

So how do you go about this?

Start by studying the topics that your target media cover (these are the print publications, online news outlets and blogs that line up with your target audience).

  • See where you can provide special insight, an insider’s view, a new perspective, or a unique viewpoint.
  • Look for an interesting angle: what projects, products, or services do you have that are unusual, groundbreaking, or particularly challenging.
  • Can you tie something you are working on to a current trend in your industry?
  • Even though this is part of your small business marketing strategy, it’s shouldn’t be a promo piece about your company.

Monthly print publications work months in advance of their issue date. So if you have a story idea that’s a good fit with a topic in an editorial calendar some four months out, now is the time to jump on it.

Pitching your idea

To pitch your idea it’s best to develop an abstract first. An abstract is simply a brief summary of your ideas on the topic. By sending out an abstract, you’ll find out if there is any interest in your topic before you put a lot of effort into writing the piece.

When writing your abstract, focus on the importance of the subject to the readers. Some rules to follow:

• Catchy but informative title

• Strong introduction highlighting the current situation

• Short explanation of the problem/issue

• What the readers will learn

• A sentence or two highlighting your expertise on the subject

Email your abstract to the editor and make sure that catchy title is in the subject line. Then follow up by email and/or phone.

Writing tips

If your topic is accepted, a reporter or blogger may write the piece. On the other hand, the editor may accept a full article authored by you. Here are some helpful guidelines to follow in writing your article and making it a successful part of your small business marketing strategy.

•  A great tactic to help you get started is to have someone interview you and record your thoughts on the topic at hand. you’ll be surprised at how much valuable information you can gather in this manner.

• Then add the meat: the specific details that will flesh out the piece.

• Always keep your audience front and center in your mind when writing—speak to their interests and technical level.

• Again, don’t use this as an opportunity to write a marketing piece about your company. Your goal is to provide valuable information and insight to your readers.

• Consider hiring a copywriter or even a journalism student if writing is not your forte.

Getting your business featured in an article can be very effective  in gaining leads and driving sales. It is also one of the most affordable small business marketing strategies. For more tips on getting featured in your target media, see the MasterClass Marketing Media Guide.