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Surveying Your Customers: a Key Small Business Marketing Strategy

There are literally hundreds of small business marketing strategies to promote your business and increase sales. So, how do you choose what strategies are right for your business? One simple strategy is the customer survey.

Conducting short customer surveys is one of the easiest ways to learn what your customers and clients want. You can create an entirely new product/service or improve an existing product/service simply by listening to your customers. You’ll also be able to craft stronger marketing messages by listening to your customers.  Some ideas for your survey:

  • What are your clients most concerned about, what problem do you help solve for them?
  • What do they value most in service—lower cost, on time performance, quality, personal service?
  • What makes you stand out from the competition?
  • What do you have to offer that your competition doesn’t: special expertise, a unique niche, a package of services, a one-stop shop?
  • How do your clients benefits from the services you provide?
  • What could you be doing better: What product improvements or new products would they like to see? What new services do they want?
Think about adding some kind of incentive to encourage your customers and clients to take the time to fill out the survey: a free service or a discount coupon. It will be well worth it to get their valuable feedback to use in your small business marketing strategies.

On a somewhat related note,  if you're interested in making your own opinion heard and earning money by participating in a survey, take a look at Legitimate Paid Surveys.