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Launch a Marketing Campaign to Position Yourself as an Expert

How can you position yourself an expert in the eyes of your target market? Here are four strategies a small business can use in marketing strategy to get in front of potential clients on a regular basis and promote your expertise:

Email marketing: Use opt-in email marketing campaigns to stay in touch with your existing customers or potential customers who have shown interest in your products/services by signing up for your newsletter. You can provide valuable information, position yourself as an expert, and promote special offers to sell your products/services. You’ll also continue to build relationships with these small business marketing strategies.

Article marketing: Speaking of positioning yourself as an expert, writing informative articles on relevant topics to your target audience is an inexpensive way to do just that. Avoid a sales pitch. Instead, use keywords you researched and used in your Web copy and focus on a specific topic. Submit the articles online and/or to trade publications to gain more exposure for your business.

Blogging: It seems like nearly every business owner has a blog these days. And there’s a reason for it. Writing regular blog posts is a small business marketing strategy that gives you credibility, provides keyword-rich content for the search engines, and subtly sells your products/services.

Seminars and teleseminars: Volunteer to teach seminars at your Chamber of Commerce on your area of expertise, or host a free teleseminar online. These small business marketing strategies increase your exposure and enable you to market your products/services to potential customers without seeming like a sales pitch.

There are many more small business marketing campaign strategies that you can employ to publicize your business and products/services. Always remember to integrate your small business marketing strategies, be consistent with your communications, and don’t stray from your key marketing messages.