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7 Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Here are some of the most common marketing and PR mistakes that I see small business owners make:
1.    Scattershot approach to marketing: Random marketing efforts—a brochure here, a press release there, slapping together a website—with no clear plan in place is usually a huge waste of money and unlikely to generate the results you were hoping for.
2.    Don't know the target audience: What are your target audience’s problems and concerns? What problems you solve for them? This knowledge is essential because it should be at the heart of all your marketing messages. Market research can be invaluable.
3.    Emphasizing services over benefits in marketing messages: Don’t just focus on your services. Your marketing messages should first and foremost communicate what sets you apart from the competition and the benefits that you bring to your clients and customers.
4.    Branding is all over the block: Your company needs a strong brand identity that your clients easily recognize. This identity should be carried across all your print materials, your website and electronic marketing campaigns.
5.    Website is confusing with no clear call to action: Make sure your site is easy to navigate and clearly guides the visitor to the information that you want to emphasize: your projects and products, how you stand out from your competition, and the benefit you bring to your clients and customers. Have a strong “Call to Action” that clearly tells the visitor what you want them to do.
6.    Annoying email marketing: For effective email marketing you need to focus on the benefits to your clients and customers. The subject line is critical and should instantly communicate a clear benefit. And don’t overdo it; if your emails are too frequent, they’ll just get deleted unopened.
7.    Press releases are puff pieces with no value to the reader: The best press releases focus on why the product, service or event is significant now, and they clearly demonstrate why it‘s relevant to the media outlet’s readers.

If you find yourself making these mistakes, call me for a free strategy session. I’ll be happy to show you how to take your business to the next level with affordable marketing strategies that hit the sweet spot with your target clients.