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Make Your Website a Key Asset in your Strategic Marketing Plan

As one of the more effective small business marketing strategies, your website can be a major generator of leads and sales, even if you’re not selling products online. It’s the first place people will go for information about your company. Here are some guidelines for a website that is a key asset in your strategic marketing plan.  
The look
Your website should look professional—an amateurish site can damage your credibility. Good design is essential in making your website visually captivating, engaging and easy to navigate. Carry the look created for your print materials through to your website to ensure consistent branding across all your marketing efforts.

What to include
To play a key role in your strategic marketing plan, your website should showcase your services, products and projects, highlight how you stand out from your competition and be crystal clear in your benefits to clients and customers.

Your website should feature:
•    Services and/or products: stress the benefits!
•    Key projects: emphasize the unique, the challenges, how you solved a client problem
•    Success stories and client testimonials: let your clients be your PR rep!
•    A clear call to action: Buy now; Sign up for our newsletter; Call for more information.
•    Product promotions: current values, deals, packages
•    Upcoming events
•    Consider including a short video on your site. Video can play a key role in small business marketing strategies by making your story come alive
•    About us: company overview and bios of senior employees: focus on your expertise

Writing tips
•    Use subheads and bullets as much as possible to break up the copy and make it easier to read.
•    To help drive traffic to your site, include your keywords in your headline, sprinkled throughout the copy, in your bullets and in your subheads.

Your website can be a great tool to showcase your products and services, your major projects and your expertise. You’ll find more information on maximizing your website, along with valuable tips on creating your own strategic marketing plan in the MasterClass Marketing Handbook —it’s the product of my two decades as a marketing communications consultant.