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Strategic Marketing Plan for Professionals: What Every Campaign Should Cover

In a fully integrated strategic marketing plan , all the elements are designed to work in concert to maximize their overall impact. Here are the basic elements of a well-rounded campaign for professionals to get maximum exposure in your target market:

  • Know Your Target Market: What are their problems and concerns?
  • Develop Your Key Messages: Develop the key themes and messages that will be emphasized across all the activities in your strategic marketing plan. Focus on the benefits that you bring to clients.
  • Website: Make sure your website is well-designed, professional and showcases your expertise.
  • Marketing Materials: Visually appealing marketing materials that deliver a compelling message enhance your professional image and bolster your credibility.
  • Direct Marketing: Communicate with your target market on a regular basis through direct mail and email marketing campaigns that make an impact: publicize your expertise and your successes, and what sets you apart from the competition.
  • Client Newsletters: Launch a newsletter that gives your target audience valuable information that they want and need.
  • Client Events: Host or participate in seminars and panels that showcase your expertise. Join with power partners to add value and increase attendees.
  • Networking: Achieve greater visibility by focusing on the business, professional and civic organizations that attract your target clients.
  • Social Media: Build out your Facebook business page and LinkedIn profile.
  • Media Exposure: Raise your visibility and enhance your reputation with guest columns and published articles.
  • Advertising: Advertise in media outlets in your target market, stress the benefits that you bring to clients.

For more insight into marketing strategies for professionals, call me for a free strategy session. I’ll be happy to show you how to increase your book of business with affordable marketing strategies that hit the sweet spot with your target clients.