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3 Things You Should Know About #B2B Social Media Strategy

More and more, companies are seeing the value of social media and its impact on business-to-business marketing efforts. Many company leaders and marketing experts are not exactly sure how to leverage social media for these types of relationships. Here are three simple ways to launch your business-to-business social media strategy:

#1: Determine your audience.  Like any other marketing channel, it is important to figure out who you want to engage with and why. If you are in the travel and leisure industry and want to grow conversation about your brand to other hotels you need to understand what’s important to these types of clients and where are they already engaging? Twitter and LinkedIn make it easy to follow groups and lists of companies in any particular field.

#2: Engage or die: Brian Solis a renowned social media expert and author of Engage and The End of Business as Usual coined the term “Engage or die” – and he is very much correct. When using social media to communicate with a business-to-business audience it is imperative to engage frequently and be responsive. For example, if you have a Twitter handle and tweet out once a week – you are not likely to garner any results. You get out what you put in!

#3: Measure success: Make sure to track your success. One hotel social media company uses live chats on Facebook each week to communicate marketing tools to their hoteliers. It is a great way to spark engagement and increase leads. The company measures success by tracking a customized hashtag and links back to their website. In addition, they have used a customized Facebook tab to capture emails of hotel managers for future marketing.

Regardless of your industry, there are always ways to find your audience, engage and build lasting relationships. In the end, the issue is not necessarily how but when you want to start leveraging social media for your marketing efforts – and the time is now!

Alia Henson: