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5 Ways Professionals Can Benefit From SEO

I regularly have conversations with professionals who are familiar with SEO, but unsure how it fits in with their sales & marketing strategy. As a result of those conversations, I developed the following five ways professionals benefit from SEO.

1)    Drive Qualified Traffic To Your Website
Your website can be a valuable sales vehicle if people have a chance to see it. Without any online marketing your website traffic is likely dominated by friends, family, current clients and the people clients recommend you to. That’s great, and business is probably pretty good. But if you’re reading this, you want things to be better. You want more phone calls, more inquiries and more clients. Why not leverage your beautiful website to grow your business?

SEO is a great way to expand your marketing reach beyond your word-of-mouth network and expose your services to qualified potential clients and their networks. The reason SEO can be more powerful than print ads or other offline media is the ability to focus on customers with intent. The audience pre-qualifies themselves via the phrase they type into search engines. That’s how SEO sends qualified traffic to your website. The people finding you with these pre-qualifying searches carry a high likelihood of converting to paying customers. You just have to get in front of them.

2)    Appear In Maps & Business Directories
For geo-targeted searches like dentist Manhattan Beach, for example, the first seven organic search results are Google Maps listings. These map locations are powered by Google Places. Have you claimed and optimized your Google Places listing? Even if you have, the rank position of your Google Places listing is based on the SEO authority of your website and your presence in a variety of business directories. So, if you’re not doing any SEO, and your competitors are, even with a well-optimized Google Places listing it’s likely you’re still out in the cold.

Additionally, given the consistent year over year increase in searches performed on mobile devices, maps are becoming an increasingly important component to a marketing strategy. An SEO campaign provides a great lift to your presence in critical map listings.

3)    Boost Your Reputation
Getting into top positions on the map is great, but we can’t be happy to stop there. Searchers who find your Google Places page are likely to look at your reviews. Are your clients going the extra mile to provide you with raving online reviews? Probably not, and it’s likely you don’t have a ton of time to worry about that. A good SEO solution will include techniques that make sure your real customer testimonials land in the right places and appear in Google Places listings.

4)    Demonstrate Authority
We talked about how great word of mouth is for your business. A top position in search engines is a powerful way to perpetuate and compliment the authority you’ve built in the community through word of mouth. To stick with our example, let’s say Mr. Dentist has a current customer who recommended him to a friend. Even with the recommendation, the friend fires up the search engines to look around for herself. She types dentist manhattan beach and boom! Mr. Dentist shows up in the first position. At this point, Mr. Dentist has been recommended to her twice: once by her friend and again by Google. That’s meaningful, and she’ll likely call Mr. Dentist.

5)   Get Scientific
One of my favorite aspects of online marketing is the ability to capture copious data. That data can be used to make actionable strategic recommendations to increase ROI over time. We can develop and test landing pages and learn which messages and promotions resonate best with traffic from each search term. Additionally, phone-tracking technology illustrates which keywords are most profitable and which are not performing.

If you are considering SEO, but unsure if your business is a good fit, talk to an SEO specialist to get an analysis of your business goals and whether or not this type of service can help you reach your goals.

Charlie Basil’s company, KlickClack, is a full service search marketing agency offering two buckets of service: Traffic + Conversions.