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Use Testimonials to Build Credibility

Your key marketing messages should clearly illustrate how you stand out from your competition. One highly effective way to get these messages across to your target audience is featuring testimonials that demonstrate the problems that you’ve solved and benefits that you bring to your clients. Testimonials are so effective because you're not singing your own praises, a third party is doing it for you.

Read on to find out how to make good use of testimonials across all your marketing efforts: on your website, in a video, in your marketing materials, and via social media.

In your marketing materials:
Feature one or two brief testimonials in your marketing materials.  But beware. All too often people make the mistake of featuring lengthy testimonials. Don't make this common mistake— the more copy the less likely they’ll be read. A couple of sentences should do the trick.

On your website:

Make testimonials prominent throughout your website; don't bury them under a testimonial tab. Feature rotating testimonials on your home page to make sure they are front and center on your site (see an example here). Whenever possible, include photos to humanize them.

In videos:

Video testimonials have an even greater impact than written testimonials and give added credibility. Added pluses: featuring videos on your website also draws people in, keeps them on your site longer and helps improve your Google ranking.

In social media:

Get recommendations on LinkedIn, and Yelp if this is appropriate for your field.

A tip on how to get them:

The best time to ask for a testimonial is right after you have had a positive experience with a client or power partner. Offer to write up the testimonial and send it to them for their blessing. Otherwise, they may never get around to writing it. Believe me, they’ll appreciate the fact that you’ve made their job easier!